The minimum Interprofessional Salary (SMI in Spanish) and the minimum Contribution Bases have been increased by 22,3% in 2019, the highest increase in the last 40 years.

The minimum interprofessional Salary will be 900 euros for 2019, which is 164,10 euros per month more than 2018.

For this year, it is expected that, as happened on previous years, the agreement on the general Spanish budgets to be uncertain due to the parliamentary situation. The increase of 164,10 euros has been agreed for 14 payments.

Last 27th December of 2018, the Real Decree 1.462/2018 of 21st  December was published, it established some arrangements such as the minimum interprofessional salary on agriculture, industry and services, regardless of gender or age of the workers, the increment of 22,3% in comparison to 2018 is from 735,90 euros to 900 euros in 14 payments.

The SMI for 2019 is established as follows:

Minimum Salary for 2019       900,00 € / month

                                                         30,00 € / day

                                               12.600,00 € / year

The seasonal or temporary workers whose services in a company do not exceed 120 days, will receive, along with the minimum salary, the proportional part of the retribution of Sundays and Holidays, as well as two extra payments, that each worker has the right, corresponding to the salary of 30 days each, with an amount not less than 42,62 euros for every working journey.

For the house workers who provide their services by hours, the minimum amount has been set to 7,04 euros for every effective working hour.

To the SMI consigned it is added the salary complements stipulated in Art. 26.3 of ET , as well as the corresponding quantity of the guaranteed increment on salary on time in the premium remuneration or production incentives.

Given that, at the day of this publication, the General Spanish Budgets have not been approved for 2019, the rules and bases for the quotation of 2018 remain valid, adapting in any case, the modifications included in the Real Decree related with the SMI of 2019, in consequence, the minimum bases are incremented in 22,3%.

In any case and waiting for the approval of the corresponding regulation, in addition of the increment of the minimum base, it is foreseen that maximum bases of quotation are augmented between 10% and 12%.

In conclusion, for 2019, companies will face a remarkable increase in their salary expenses, given that the reality behind these raises, is the aim of collecting more money to the state, specifically to Social Security, once again increasing the tax burden on companies.

Needless to say, the increase in pensions and Social Security benefits will not be in the same percentage as the contribution bases, although for 2019 it is predicted a rise of more than the 0,25% of the previous years, but again, we must wait for the corresponding regulation.