From our firm, we accompany the client through the management of a business crisis situation, either with the aim of saving that insolvency situation, negotiating with all kinds of creditors, either raising the most appropriate and less burdensome demand for bankruptcy client (with liquidation or viability), so that it is adjusted to bankruptcy regulations, without consequences for your personal assets, and allows you to close your business in an ordered fashion and in compliance to the law, in the case of choosing the contest with liquidation.

During the process of the contest, we take care to carry out as many actions as necessary for the client’s beneffit, in collaboration and at the insistence of the Insolvency Administrator named for the purpose, until the end of the contest, either by liquidation of the company or because of the approval of the corresponding agreement with the creditors.

  • Negotiation and refinancing with banking entities of corporate debt.

  • Negotiation of agreements with creditors, prior to the filing of insolvency claims.

  • Preparation and presentation of pre-contests.

  • Preparation and submission of demands for voluntary and necessary competition.

  • Management and follow-up of the bankruptcy procedure in all its phases.

  • Character and monitoring in competitions, acting on behalf of creditors.

Global solutions

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