With the latest regulatory changes, there are more and more companies that do not feel fully covered by the collective bargaining agreement, either because they have agreements with their employees at the company level, as a complement to it, or because they apply different salary policies to the same (incentive policies, commissions, awards for objectives, etc.), consider that the best option for your company is to establish your own agreement, outside the sector, that reflects the vision of this, as well as agreements and improvements agreed with Representation of workers.

In the same way, many companies participate in the elaboration of the sectoral Collective Agreement that is applicable to the labor relations existing within them.

From DMC we provide all the necessary information to carry out such a long and laborious process, as well as formalistic, such as the elaboration of a collective agreement, as well as we advise and assist our clients in the negotiation and subscription thereof. , from the beginning of the same, with the constitution of the negotiating table, until the registration, registration and publication thereof.


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DMCONSULTANTS es un equipo de profesionales, altamente cualificados, de todas las disciplinas del ámbito jurídico, laboral y fiscal, de forma que nuestra firma pueda proporcionar a los clientes soluciones globales en todos los aspectos que éstos puedan necesitar.