DMC offers advice on the legal fields related to the implementation of solutions in electronic commerce B2B, B2C, B2E, collaborative E-commerce, as well as in the creation and development of different models of business based in electronic commerce.

Our services include all the legal aspects involved in e- comerce solutions such as the general recruitment conditions, publicity, unfair competition, protection customers and users, online hiring, logistics, online payment or the use of an electronic signature.

Additionally, we take part in the redaction and negotiation of the necessary agreements for the implementation of E-Business solutions as well as the adoption and implementation of electronic marketplaces B2B from a legal point of view.

We offer advice on aspects related to the following subjects:

  • Redaction and negotiation of the necessary contractual structure for the implementation of the type of business based in e-commerce

  • Analysis of the legal aspects related to online advertising.

  • Redaction and negotiation of contracts with Internet service providers (“ISP”), and outsourcing.

  • Redaction and negotiation of service level agreements.

  • Redaction and negotiation of the contractual structure necessary for the implementation of business models of e-mail marketing.

  • Redaction of general conditions of contract, and terms and conditions of use of web pages.

  • We coordinate and advise on registration and protection of domain names.

Global solutions

DMCONSULTANTS is a team of highly qualified professionals that range in all the disciplines of legal, labor and tax fields to make sure that we are able to provide all of our customers with global solutions in every aspect they might need.