In this area, our services include all kinds of claims and claims that our clients may need to bring against third parties, either on behalf of the companies they represent or individually.

In order to incur the lowest costs and possible damages to the client, the philosophy of this firm is based on trying, prior to the filing of any claim, extrajudicial agreements with the counterparty, whenever possible.

In any case, we cover, among others, the preparation of the following demands in the civil and commercial order:

  • Claims for quantity.

  • Contractual resolutions with compensation for damages.

  • Demands of eviction.

  • Domain files.

  • Demands requesting the division of the common thing.

  • Lawsuits against banking entities (floor clauses, preferential clauses, nullity in purchases of financial derivatives due to vice in the consent, etc).

  • Claims of liability against administrators.

Global solutions

DMCONSULTANTS is a team of highly qualified professionals that range in all the disciplines of legal, labor and tax fields to make sure that we are able to provide all of our customers with global solutions in every aspect they might need.