This is the central axis of the Companies and the most variable aspect that exists in them.

Currently, proper management of HR is one of the key elements when it comes to making a good strategic direction, people are the ones that provide added value to organizations at a professional and strategic level, which can make a big difference compared to its “competitors”.

Within this area, our work department manages and, above all, advises on the daily life of our client’s staff, which is comprised of the following points:

  • Affiliation: registrations, variations and cancellations.

  • Hiring of personnel: types of contracts / business bonuses.

  • Management of payroll.

  • Application of collective agreements.

  • Occupational accidents and diseases: Management of mutual and delta communications.

  • Occupational absenteeism and common diseases: RED system communications.

  • Social Security Management: Social contributions / Debt management / Application for deferrals.

  • IRPF management.

Soluciones globales

DMCONSULTANTS es un equipo de profesionales, altamente cualificados, de todas las disciplinas del ámbito jurídico, laboral y fiscal, de forma que nuestra firma pueda proporcionar a los clientes soluciones globales en todos los aspectos que éstos puedan necesitar.