In times of crisis, companies sometimes need to adjust their workforce to the real demands of the market, which can be carried out through individual or collective measures.

The Employment Regulation File (ERE (Expediente de Regulación de Empleo)) is the collective mechanism that companies have to carry out such adjustment, which can be, definitive (Layoffs), or temporary, either by suspending work for a specific time or reducing the work hours.

It is carried out through a negotiation process between the Company and the Representation of the Workers, in order to reach an agreement that guarantees the future viability of the Organization.

Before initiating a process of Employment Regulation, it is important to carry out a study of the organization, in order to determine the measure to be adopted and guarantee, therefore, the optimization of said adjustment.

  • Dismissals / Claims of quantity / Recognition of right / Substantial modifications of working conditions / Geographical mobility / Benefits.

  • Records of employment regulation.

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