We offer advice our customers and help them to manage in the best possible way the effects and consequences of marital breakdowns and couple crises, ensuring their economic interests and the welfare of their children, if they exist.

With that objective, we act as mediators and negotiators between both spouses, with the aim of processing separations and divorces by mutual agreement, drafting the regulatory agreements and parenting plans that best reflect both part’s interests, and that comply with Catalan regulations in matter of family law.

In accordance with the above, our services include:

  • Negotiation and drafting of regulatory agreements for the extinction of civil partners.

  • Claims for separation and divorce, both by mutual agreement and contentious.

  • Demands for modification of measures adopted in separation and divorce judgments.

In addition to that, we have specialized in the preparation and processing of disability claims, procedures increasingly demanded due to the increase in life expectancy in today’s society and that allows to obtain control of the estate of that relative who has his mental faculties depleted.


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