Even if companies carry out a good management of their HR and enjoy a good working environment, we can not always help to eliminate labor unrest, since we must not forget that we are dealing with people and not always the interests of the Company are in harmony with the interests of each and every one of their workers.

The most common conflicts that occur within the Companies are the following:

Company Sanctioning System

Workers, sometimes, may not meet their work obligations, which may lead to the commission of faults and, therefore, the corresponding penalty.

Collective negotiation

Collective negotiation takes place between the Company and its employees, either through their elected representatives or a representation of them created for the mere purpose of the negotiation, in order to reach an agreement as soon as possible in relation to the working conditions applicable to all workers in the area affected by it.

Trade Union Elections

Although the Trade Union Elections are not a reason for conflict, as it is the exercise of the workers of their right to have a representation that looks after their interests, the truth is that most of the time the participation of the Company in this procedure is seen as an act of control by the workers.

For this reason, carrying out a good policy of information and participation in said procedure facilitates the same, normalizing the situation and contributing, in turn, to generating a good working environment.

Assistance in Labor and Social Security Inspections

Normally, when we think about Labor Relations, we think only of Company – Worker and we forget about the public organisms that control the good functioning of these relationships.

The Labor Inspectorate is the main control body of the Companies, in charge of diligences the proper functioning of the same.

A good attendance is vital for the Companies, avoiding in this way possible misunderstandings, as well as getting a control of the procedure that guarantees the best functioning status of the company.

  • Company sanctioning system.

  • Collective negotiation.

  • Union Elections.

  • Assistance in Labor Inspections and Social Security.

Soluciones globales

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