Corporate tax

Our team addresses this area with a thorough analysis of the financial statements of the entity, reviewing the reasonableness of the different items that comprise it. Later we analyze all those variables that may affect the determination of the tax quota.

  • Analysis of the differences between the accounting result and the taxable base of the tax.

  • Liquidation of Corporation Tax.

  • Reporting to persons responsible for the presentation of the consolidated Corporate Tax, as well as resolving doubts.

Annual accounts

The annual accounts are public. Therefore, it is essential that they express the true image of the company.

  • Preparation of financial statements based on the balance sheets provided by the company.

  • Preparation of the Memory.

  • Attendance at meetings with auditors to comment on the calculation of Corporation Tax.

  • Coordination and eventual assistance with the auditors of the proposals to modify the Annual Accounts.

  • Presentation of the accounts before the Mercantile Registry of Barcelona.

  • Presentation of the accounting books before the Mercantile Registry of Barcelona.

Tax on Economic Activities / Census Statements

The tax on economic activities is a tribute of local character. It is essential to correctly frame the activity carried out by the company, in order to avoid further revisions by the administration. At the same time, through census declarations, the tax administration is notified of the periodic obligations that the entity will have to comply with.

  • Study, preparation and processing of registrations, cancellations and modifications of tax elements.

  • Census Procedures. High, low obligations.

  • Attention to face-to-face procedures before the City Council of Barcelona, Residuos, IAE.

Special taxes

The complexity of the Spanish tax system generates innumerable taxes, depending on the activity carried out by the entity.

  • Communication and monitoring of the registration data modifications in the Territorial Registry of Special Taxes.

Global solutions

DMCONSULTANTS is a team of highly qualified professionals that range in all the disciplines of legal, labor and tax fields to make sure that we are able to provide all of our customers with global solutions in every aspect they might need.