Our services in this field, include all the legal aspects linked to companies throughout their life since their establishment, and depending on the needs that they require at any given time, always with the aim of strengthening their market position , providing them with greater legal viability and security

  • Constitution of mercantile companies and other legal entities (cooperatives, associations, foundations, UTES, etc.)

  • Redaction of para-social agreements and family protocols. Statutory modifications and transformation of companies. Expansions and reductions of capital in all its forms.

  • Liquidation of companies and other legal entities.

  • Management and advice of Boards of Directors of mercantile companies.

  • Redaction of all kinds of corporate agreements.

Furthermore, we have a long tradition of serving as Secretaries on the Board of Directors of mercantile companies composed of a large number of shareholders and administrators, advising them legally in said boards, and documenting the minutes and memoranda that are agreed upon within them.

Global solutions

DMCONSULTANTS is a team of highly qualified professionals that range in all the disciplines of legal, labor and tax fields to make sure that we are able to provide all of our customers with global solutions in every aspect they might need.